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Early State of the Union

By Beercloud
7/03/2019 2:09 pm
K got a lil cute with the title but gotta have some fun right?

We have 6 teams left and the league is filling up quite nicely. I underestimated the rate that it would fill. If it keeps it's current rate we should be full by the current schedule of draft day. But as the GM's have voted the need to have it full before we draft(which I completely agree with) I will keep pushing it back until we are full. Prolly 2 days after we get full to allow the last few GM's a fair chance to build a draft strategy.

Paydirt is our premiere league in the this series and we will follow Paydirt as far as how it is run and most of their rules. One big exception will be the "Hire n Fire" rule as I want to keep that unique to our premiere league. There will be a few other subtle differences. But one that I want to copy is that Paydirt B's league Champion will forever have their name etched on the leagues championship trophy(virtual). The blackflys trophy is what we use in Paydirt. Who will it be for Paydirt B?

I will follow up with much more info to this thread so stay tuned.

Re: Early State of the Union

By Beercloud
7/04/2019 2:02 pm
One of the things that Im working on to tie Paydirt B to Paydirt is a GM rating system. Im working on a formula that uses your cap space and record. For a GM to apply for an open job in Paydirt they must have a min rating of *fill in the blank*. If you guys have any ideas to add to this sock it to me.

Re: Early State of the Union

By jouameng
7/04/2019 3:48 pm
After conversing with Beercloud it’s been decided that trading for the Allocation Draft will be closed until Round 27. This way teams will be able to fairly build their core foundation while also not eliminating trading completely.

Re: Early State of the Union

By Smirt211
7/04/2019 4:35 pm
Great decision.

Something akin to this was done in one of CJs recent dispersal drafts.