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Re: Greyghost's Bluelight Specials 1979

By greyghost1225
7/26/2019 12:02 pm
There were some extraordinary picks in what I call the expansion draft, everyone was an expansion team right? These picks according to my ratings deserve special acknowledgement. Going forward in upcoming seasons I will list these differently, but due to the time of my entering and the initial season of the league this list is a bit different. This will be done every season and I will make adjustments moving forward. A few things to keep in mind:

*These are picks that were made later in the draft and are ranked in the top 15 at each position, by later I mean picks made after the 20th round. ***added: As I was ranking this didn't hold true I made adjustments to Tight Ends, which were top 10

*There is no analysis on where a team plays the player, position, or additional attributes, it is strictly based off of total ranking

*This is for fun, so enjoy it!


Danial Freeman- Columbus Crusaders
Drafted: 22-25
Overall Position Ranking: 5th

Robert Owens- Nashville Pickers
Drafted: 15-21
Overall Position Ranking: 11th

Running Backs

Full Backs not included

Wide Receivers

Christopher Callahan- Shreveport Riggers
Drafted: 21-22
Overall Position Ranking: 9th

Timothy Birch- Niagra Falls Oswegos
Drafted: 11-24
Overall Position Ranking: 11th

Jeffrey Bozek- Fullerton Gauchos
Drafted: 21-23
Overall Position Ranking: 13th

Carlos Edwards- Gulfport Swampers
Drafted: 16-16
Overall Position Ranking: 15th

Tight Ends

Paul Johnson- Fullerton Gauchos
Drafted: 19-23
Overall Position Ranking: 3rd

Raymond Sanders- Fargo Winter Hawks
Drafted: 11-20
Overall Position Ranking: 7th

James Lyon- Springfield Twisters
Drafted: 18-32
Overall Position Ranking: 8th

Robert Verdin- Amarillo Gunslingers
Drafted: 23-35
Overall Position Ranking: 10th

Offensive Lineman

Clayton Chow- Wilmington Copperheads
Drafted: 14-29
Overall Position Ranking: 5th

Defensive Lineman

Gerald Clouse- Redding Red Hornets
Drafted: 13-19
Overall Position Ranking: 18th

Daniel Sherman- Tallahassee Destroyers
Drafted: 20-19
Overall Position Ranking: 20th


Dillon Lazenby- Fullerton Gauchos
Drafted: 10-10
Overall Position Ranking: 9th

Harold Fortune- Amarillo Gunslingers
Drafted: 12-8
Overall Position Ranking: 12th

Robert Vineyard- Cheyenne Wind Jammers
Drafted: 12-30
Overall Position Ranking: 14th

Brent Sera- Harrisburg Freedom Fighters
Drafted: 10-6
Overall Position Ranking: 18th

Justin Penney- Tallahassee Destroyers
Drafted: 16-19
Overall Position Ranking: 19th

Defensive Backs

Elliot Douglas- Wilmington Copperheads
Drafted: 10-29
Overall Position Ranking: 17th

Wesley Collins- Springfield Twisters
Drafted: 13-1
Overall Position Ranking: 18th

Kickers and Punters

Not Rated
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