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Week 1 Observations

By greyghost1225
7/26/2019 7:43 pm
This will be a shortened version of the current observations until I get up to full speed on the league. Here are observations for Week 1:

Teams To Watch

I have not done any team research yet, but can tell you from my experience these are teams to keep you eye on. There will be more noted, but for this version I have chosen 2 from each conference. Don’t fall for their gimmicks they are proven, established and will win.

Lombardi Conference

Rapid City Iron Horse- Smirt211

I have been in several leagues with Smirt. He probably has more championships than everyone is the league combined. When he is not suffering from conspiracy theories, he is the best. He will win and should not be taken lightly.

Billings Rough Riders- Bryno

I am in a few leagues with Bryno and didn’t give him much thought until his Army team crushed my very good USC team in NCAA. He is methodical which leads to victories and should not be taken lightly.

Belichick Conference

Fullerton Gauchos- Otterpop

Otter is a great owner and understands version 4.5 very well. He and I have a friendly rivalry both present and in the past. He is a kind of a ninja, sneaky good. He will be silently good and should not be taken lightly.

Bellingham Bombers- birn

I have been in a couple of leagues with birn and the only thing I have noticed is he wins. He is quiet and you may not even realize he is in the league until you play him and get beat. He should not be taken lightly.

Waiver Mania

The interesting thing about a new league is the amount of waiver claims put in on players that established leagues wouldn’t touch. There are numerous waiver claims out, but none jumped out at me more than 4 claims being put in for 31 year old RB Derek Barner. It isn’t just the amount of claims, but the team that gets him takes on the 3 year, 16-million-dollar contract. Ah, I love new leagues.

Adjustments Needed?

Well there are times to go with youth and times not to. I figure 2 of the 3 teams with these starting QB’s have decided they are just going to take their licks this season by starting young QB’s, the other may need to check the waiver wire. Here are the QB’s numbers.

Andy Jacobs- Chandler Rattlers 2-27, 10 yards, 6 ints
Peter Steward- Niagra Falls Oswegos 2-27 , 21 yards, 5 ints
Stanley Scott- El Cajon Aztecs 6-33, 59 yards, 5 ints

That is it for this addition, but will add more on future additions. I will add games of the week and some type of reviews going forward. Good luck