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Week 6 Observations

By greyghost1225
8/07/2019 4:06 pm
The Zero With Attitude
It is very difficult coming into a league and taking over a poorly managed team after the season starts, not to mention a new league. When Gleg took over the Chandler I understood from my experiences in taking over rebuilding projects through the seasons. There are 3 things that are required patience, finding diamonds in the rough, and a positive attitude. He has shown his patience with his future star QB, is active in the league, and has maintained a positive, fun attitude with his project. Since I initially started this article. Chandler did the unexpected, they not only scored, but won their first game. I applaud and respect his efforts. Welcome to the league.

The Ramey…um Ramey/Manning Watch
Fullerton’s Joe Ramey, you already know the name. He didn’t get any interceptions the past 2 weeks, and still held the lead at 9 until a challenger for the title stepped in. The player that has stepped up in the quest for the interception title in the Ozark Crossfire’s CB Douglas Manning. Manning has grabbed 7 ints over the past 2 games and has come out of nowhere to total 10 int’s and take the league lead. This has the makings of a great battle.

Hot Teams
Rapid City- 6 wins in a row
Broken Arrow- 6 wins in a row
Sacramento- 6 wins in a row
Tallahassee- 5 wins in a row
El Cajon- 5 wins in a row

Cold Teams
Gulfport- 6 losses in a row
Columbus- 6 losses in a row
Wilmington- 6 losses in a row
Aurora- 5 losses in a row
Cheyenne- 5 losses in a row

The Breakdown

Lombardi Conference

Walsh Division
It has turned into a two team race with Redding and El Cajon. Redding came back strong after a defeat with a convincing win against Cheyenne, while El Cajon continues to punish opponents with their potent offense. El Cajon has the #2 offense and the #22 defense. A great offense does a team well, but if the defense doesn’t improve they will find it tough to compete among the conference power houses. Redding needs to improve on both sides of the ball as they are ranked #15 in offense and #17 in defense. These numbers will only take them so far. Ozark had shown signs of life, but even with good offensive and defensive numbers are hit and miss. Then there is Aurora.

Gibbs Division
The scenario in the Gibbs division is named Gainesville and Syracuse. Both of these teams at 4-2 have played well enough to be #1 in the division, but are not setting the world on fire. Gainesville has a defense ranked #5, but their offense leaves much to be desired at #26. Syracuse on the other hand is ranked in the top 10 on offense and defense, which would normally translate into a 6-0 or 5-1 record at this point, but there appears to maybe some play calling issues at they have lost to Gainesville and Ozark. The door is still open for Salem at 2-4 but they will need to improve on offense and defense as they rank in the bottom third of the league in both. Then there is Niagara Falls with a fairly new owner Quickstryk, which is fitting since he was quick to get the first win the team has lost 3 in a row.

Halas Division
I am set and safe in predicting the team that will win the Halas division is Rapid City. They have been a powerhouse and the rest of the division must win, but they haven’t shown the consistency to keep up. Rapid city is ranked #1 in offense and #4 in defense. Billings is playing for a wild card at this point and they have the #5 offense and are being hampered by the #18 defense. Then there is Cheyenne and Fargo, still looking for signs of life.

Brown Division
Greenwood who is surprisingly good and Amarillo are tied for the top spot in the division. Greenwood is ranked #10 in offense and #12 in defense, while Amarillo offense is ranked #4 in offense and #14 in defense. They can both make some noise with a little fine tuning. DJSim takes over for Nashville as the new GM. He is an experienced and respected owner. This was shown with a victory in his first contest. Then there is Gulfport. The top 3 teams of this division makes this on of the more interesting battles to watch this season.

Belichick Conference

Knoll Division
When I look at this division, no disrespect intended. I say who is leading? Broken Arrow? 6-0 what? Now after looking at the numbers and division. There is a very good possibility they are the sleepers of the year, yes even at 6-0. They are ranked #11 in offense and #6 in defense. These are damn good numbers. The best Norfolk and Harrisburg can do at this point, at least by the numbers is a wildcard. They both rank in the bottom third of the league in offense and defense. Then there is Columbus.

Shula Division
I stare at the Shula division and it still blows my mind that my team Sacramento is leading the division, but not only that, are 6-0. I have owned better teams that have lost more games. The offense is holding at #8 and the defense has improved to #16. I still predict this team will be lucky to win 8 games, it is a fluke. The true leaders of this division are Fullerton and Bellingham, both at 4-2. Fullerton ranks #14 on offense and #3 on defense. In the case of Bellingham, get this!, they rank #3 in offense and #2 in defense. Then there is Chandler who is quickly becoming my favorite to watch. This division is worth keeping an eye, because it could change any day.

Lambeau Division
I am trying to decide if Stillwater or Springfield actually are good. They both have great defenses Stillwater ranked #1 and Springfield #7, but neither has been able to put together a good string of games yet. Then you have Wausau and Battle Creek.

Madden Division
Tallahassee a one game lead over Augusta and two game lead over Shreveport. All 3 are ranked in the top third of the league in offense, and have questions on defense. All 3 teams also won their last conquests. This is an interesting battle and actually could be swayed by player development and/or trades. Then there is Wilmington.

Games to Watch
Sacramento at Broken Arrow- One team will leave the ranks of unbeaten.
Fullerton at Bellingham- Great division matchup!
Redding at El Cajon- Great division matchup!
Syracuse at Greenwood- Each proving they are for real.

What I have decided to do is to rotate articles I will do this write up every couple of games, then in between I will be doing players I am watching article. That will start tomorrow.