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Re: Week 7 Observations

By greyghost1225
8/09/2019 3:18 pm
The Roundup

Lombardi Conference

Walsh Division
Redding and El Cajon had their showdown with the result the same as the first, a low scoring contest with Redding scoring last to win it. Redding continues to impress the league with their consistency. They still are not improving in their offense or defense which should be concerning, but are doing enough to get the job done. El Cajon has been dominating on offense as long as they don’t have to play Redding. The Aztecs are in a tough spot now, in order to win the division have lost the tie breaker with Redding, so they will need to be 2 games better than the Red Hornets the rest of the way out. They still could pull out a wildcard. Ozark has fallen off the pace rapidly and then there is Aurora.

Gibbs Division
Gainsville have won two in a row and seem to be settling into a good groove. They are still getting it done with their #4 ranked defense, but to be a factor going towards the playoffs, must get the offense going. They have a tough battle with El Cajon this week and their defense and offense will be tested. They are followed by Syracuse at 4-3 and Salem at 3-4. I am still trying to figure Syracuse out as they are ranked #9 in offense and #8 in defense. Those numbers should translate into better than a 4-3 record. They deserve keeping an eye on. Salem is at 3-4, but rank near the bottom of the league in offense and defense. I think their record at this point is due to strength of schedule, the numbers don’t back up the record. Then there is Niagara Falls who has become ownerless again. An owner who likes rebuilds would take on the challenge.

Halas Division
RAPID CITY IRON HORSE- SMIRT 7-0, is a force for the Lombardi Conference to prepare for in the playoffs. Rapid City has scored 100 points more than the closest competitor, ranked #1 in total offense and #2 in total defense. The current pace he should win the division by week 10 or 11. Don’t think that he will kick back after he clinches, he won’t. He will look to punish every team he plays. Billings has the numbers with the #5 offense and #12 defense, but sits towards the back end of the wildcard teams as of now. He must win like there is no tomorrow, because there isn’t. Cheyenne and Fargo have a foothold on the bottom two spots.

Brown Division
The only division that shows wins for all the teams this week. Greenwood and Amarillo continues to battle it out. Greenwood has won 5 in row, but I am still looking at the numbers and am not seeing 6-1. *They are getting it done though. Amarillo on the other hand has the #4 offense and #14 defense which is improvement, although their defense might need to be a little tighter. Then comes potentially the story of the season the Nashville Pickers. A change in ownership seems to be what the doctor ordered, winning two in a row and moving towards the back end of a possible wildcard, they are showing how focus can help a team excel. Gulfport wins their first congrats, but will need a big winning streak to make a move.

Belichick Conference

*Noll Division
Broken Arrow loses their first, but still hold a three-game lead, with Norfolk and Harrisburg both losing. The Oilers should continue to show their dominance over the division with the #11 offense and #9 defense. Unless either Norfolk or Harrisburg improve their numbers on both sides of the ball, they are just pretenders at this point. Columbus wins their first, congrats.

Shula Division
SMH...Sacramento 7-0...SMH again....2 game lead....SMH again, there are no words, so we will move on. Bellingham pulls out a big victory against Fullerton to take over sole possession of 2nd place. The numbers indicate they are the best team in the division with the #2 offense and #3 defense, but they need help. If Sacramento happens to go 6-3 to close out, Bellingham would need to go 9-0 to win the division as Sacramento owns the tiebreaker. Fullerton is in a tough spot, losing two in a row and falling 3 back of the leader. They still have two with the River Rats and one with the Bombers, so they still could get back in it. Chandler goes back to scoreless with a loss and sits at 1-6.

Lambeau Division
Stillwater and Springfield still in a battle for the top spot. Both teams have stellar defenses, but still need more offensive production to actually be considered a contender. Stillwater still boasts the #1 defense and Springfield is at #5. Battle Creek is coming off a victory, but their numbers will have to improve on both sides of the ball to make a serious run at the leaders. Then there is Wausau.

Madden Division

Tallahassee is starting to flex their muscle with six wins in a row as they are starting to take command of the division with a two-game lead. They have a very capable #8 ranked offense, but to be able to beat other offensive minded teams, must improve their defense which is at #21. Augusta drops two back from the lead, but still is in the wildcard hunt at 4-3. The numbers say they should have a better record with the #6 ranked offense and #13 on defense. They have one game left with Tallahassee with a win necessary to possibly win a tiebreaker. Shreveport is quickly becoming a story as they move into the battle with 3 wins in a row. They have the #7 ranked offense, but must improve on the #19 ranked defense. They still have a game with Tallahassee and Augusta and wins could make the division a battle to the end. Then there is the lowly Wilmington team, the only winless team remaining.

Who’s Hot

Rapid City 7 wins in a row
Sacramento 7 wins in a row
Tallahassee 6 wins in a row
Greenwood 5 wins in a row
Bellingham 4 wins in a row

Who’s Not

Wilmington 7 losses in a row
Aurora 6 losses in a row
Cheyenne 6 losses in a row
Niagara Falls 4 losses in a row

Games of the Week

Greenwood at Nashville- Great division battle, can Nashville prove they are for real!
Broken Arrow at Shreveport- A great conference matchup!
Syracuse at Billings- Both teams need a win!
El Cajon at Gainesville- A great battle between 5-2 teams.
Stillwater at Springfield- A first place battle for the division *lead!
Last edited at 8/10/2019 11:03 pm

Re: Week 7 Observations

By Beercloud
8/09/2019 11:23 pm
I must say those are some freakin great articles.

Re: Week 7 Observations

By Meatmen
8/10/2019 9:42 am
Beercloud wrote:
I must say those are some freakin great articles.

I agree! nicely done Sir................MM

Re: Week 7 Observations

By Meatmen
8/10/2019 9:22 pm
I will say though that if the "Knoll" division is to honor long time Steelers Coach The spelling is wrong. Chuck Noll is a personal hero of mine. Just sayin.... you are referring to a small hill or mound...Knoll. secondly has anyone noticed the game clock? it counts an extra second every in 3,2,1,0,60,59,58, thus adding an extra minute to each game. Please tell me I'm not the first to notice this! I will forgive these two small errors, lol, with all that is wrong with this game these days it seems a miniscule peeve...............MM

Re: Week 7 Observations

By shavar
8/10/2019 10:11 pm
I cant believe my life has come to this .. Its Saturday night damnit I should be out doing something ,,,anything. Anyway back on point I have watched the clock count down 4 times and it goes 3, 2, 1, 0, 59, 58, ... etc. so mine is not showing the 60

Re: Week 7 Observations

By dyluckyguess
8/10/2019 10:30 pm
I've seen it happen before, but never paid that much attention to it. Maybe it only glitches when specific conditions are met?

Re: Week 7 Observations

By Beercloud
8/11/2019 10:21 pm
Meatmen wrote:
I will say though that if the "Knoll" division is to honor long time Steelers Coach The spelling is wrong. Chuck Noll is a personal hero of mine. Just sayin

Ya know I always thought it was spelled Knoll and never really looked it up or paid attention. Corrected it here on this page and will correct the website at next update. Thanks for pointing it out.