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Re: Cheyenne Courier

By dd35
9/24/2019 3:12 pm
1980 Draft Revisited:

With training camp complete, lets take a look at Cheyene's 1980 draft class as we head into the preseason. This draft was the first of the GM's career.

1st Round: TE Earl Williams - despite not reaching his potential in the the training camp (-11 pot), he still possesses the most potential of all TE on the roster. The biggest asset of Williams is his ability to block. Should he struggle in the preseason receiving, don't be surprised should you see him start taking more snaps on the Offensive Line

2nd Round: RB Michael Navas - (+8 pot). This pick seems like it may be the steal of the 2nd round. Navas will be the go to in the backfield for the Wind Jammers in 1980. His running ability with receiving skills will be the perfect addition to the West Coast Offense coming out of Cheyenne.

3rd Round: WR Graham Wise - (+6 pot). Another weapon for QB Rosario. Wise has the potential to be the leading receiver for the Wind Jammers. His sure hands will take the Wind Jammers air attack up a notch.

4th Round: WLB Tony Brown - (-13 pot). This is shaping up to be the first truly disappointing pick. The pick was made my the assistant GM. Brown is a candidate to be cut, however, his speed and strength provide him the physical skill to possibly stick a roster spot.

5th Round: Manuel Kress - (-8 pot). Originally taken in hopes to be a good run stopper. His smaller size and strength and is not working any favors for him. Likely a candidate to be cut.

6th Round: SLB Dennis McKee - (+6 pot). A versatile defender. Seems to be shaping into a great value in the 6th round. Will likely make the roster as a backup at multiple positions on defense.

7th Round: FB Glenn Roth - (+8 pot). Converted to RG. Has the potential to become the starting RG should he continue to develop in the preseason. Still undersized, but was a great pick for the 7th round.
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Re: Cheyenne Courier

By dyluckyguess
9/24/2019 5:33 pm
I think with as fast as that tight end is it would be hard to stick him on the oline personally. I get that his route running ain't perfect but itll be tough for linebackers to cover him nonetheless

Re: Cheyenne Courier

By dd35
11/19/2019 7:35 am
The 1980 season is complete. And that is about all that can be said for Cheyenne this season... its complete. First year head coach, Chris Weaver, didn't bring any magic to the team, but at least he tied one game so he allowed Cheyenne to finish with one less loss than they did the previous season. Now that 1980 is done, its time to move on.

Off-season Outlook

Quarterbacks - For a brief spell, it looked as if Dale Rummel was going to take John Rosario's starting spot as he sat for lingering injuries in 1980. That was until Rummel tossed up four picks in a game against Greenwood. Rosario is on the final year of his contract. With a weak QB Draft Class, Rosario will enter the season as the starting QB. He's got one year to prove that he is this team's QB of the future.

Backfield - Rookie Michael Navas had an excellent rookie campaign. Despite only playing in 11 games, he still rushed for 901 yards and had 376 receiving yards. Cheyenne won't look to do much with their backfield this offseason unless they have the opportunity to add some depth in Free Agency

Receivers - Another position that the 1980 draft addressed many needs. Both TE Earl Williams and WR Graham Wise emerged as efficient performers. Veterans Jeremiah Torrence and Joseph Rogers were also very productive. Cheyenne will look to find heirs for their veterans, but there are larger glaring issues, so expect to see a WR taken later in the draft or found in Free Agency

Offensive Line - If 1980 proved anything, it was that you must have depth on the O and D Line. Constantly these brutes are fighting nagging injuries. While Cheyenne feels they have a solid front 5, they will look to address depth concerns through Free Agency. Expect to see Cheyenne carry a lot of extra O-Linemen into training camp

Defensive Line - Cheyenne is putting an emphasis on improving their defensive front. They have hired new Defensive Line Coach, Ronald Holladay, and rumors are swirling that they are looking to bring in a new coordinator. Cheyenne wants to run a three man front which can occupy all five front blockers. This will be a huge positional need that they will try to address in the draft. If they can control the trenches, then they can free up their strong LB core to fly around the field to make plays.

Linebackers - MLB and SLB are secure and solid. These positions are locked in for 1981. However, WLB will be up for grabs. Rookie Dennis McKee was drafted in the sixth round. He performed so well in training camp that he won the starting job. He had a decent year at the position and will likely enter the season as the starter again, but as the weakest of the four linebackers, every play will be scrutinized.

Defensive Backs - This DB Core lives up to the team name. Starting CB James and Hicks truly are Wind Jammers. James led the league with 14 INT. Hicks totaled 7. The safeties totalled 4. Don't expect to see too many changes at this position, but Cheyenne will look to add depth.

Re: Cheyenne Courier

By Beercloud
11/19/2019 12:02 pm
Offensive Line - If 1980 proved anything, it was that you must have depth on the O and D Line. Constantly these brutes are fighting nagging injuries.

That in a nut shell.

Re: Cheyenne Courier

By dd35
11/22/2019 9:51 am
1981 Offseason Update, Part 1

The 1981 Free Agency Period in Paydirt B has seen record breaking contracts signed. Its a buyer's market. Cheyenne is one of the teams that have not been buyers. Fans are disgruntled because have had their 2nd straight 6 win season, they were expecting to see a bigger splash. But GM, dd35, is assuring the fan base the team is still making upgrades without making headlines.

"My job is to find players that will improve our team while being fiscally responsible. I'm not going to go out and give big contracts to players that are sub-par to guys we already have unless that player can immediately give us 4 more wins which no one player can do. Instead, I am looking to fill multiple positions in a way that we still have money for the future."

Lets take a look at the new additions to the Wind Jammers through the 2nd week of Free Agency:

WR Charles Dixon - By far the biggest name signed to date. Dixon is a speedy, sure handed receiver that runs crisp routes. Last year in Nashville he had 65 receptions for 639 yards and two TDs. With only twelve drops in his career, the third year receiver out of Oregon State will make an instant impact in what is forming up to be an interesting young receiving corp. Dixon was signed to a 6 year deal worth just shy of $29 million.

K Brian Vickery - A 10 year vet, Vickery will bring a stronger leg to Cheyenne's Special Teams. He was signed to a three year contract worth around $500,000. Considering his price and talents, he will be a huge asset as he is already cheaper that current kicker, "Cant Kick Past 50" Cortes

WLB Marcus Collins - Collins, listed as a SS, has agreed to not only play in Cheyenne, but also change positions. He will enter camp taking reps at WLB. His pass rush off the edge in Cheyenne's 3-4 will hopefully bring some heat on opposing QBs. And his coverage abilities will hopefully help shut down anybody trying to utilize their backfield in the passing game. He's an unproven talent that played mostly ST in Bellingham, but is eager to prove himself. He signed with Cheyenne for 4 years for only $2,000,000

RG Calvin Harris - A veteran who spent time on the team last year. Harris was resigned on a one year contract in hopes of bringing mentorship to this younger team. He already knows the team, playbook, and dynamics in Cheyenne. He will enter camp hoping to earn a roster spot and provide some much needed depth on the O-Line

RG Allen Vera - Vera signed a 3 year, $1.1 million contract. Cheyenne loves their projects and that is exactly what Vera will be entering camp. He played in 9 games last season with Battle Creek, however, he was a FB with 0 carries. Cheyenne is going to attempt to do to Vera what they did with current RG Glen Roth. At this time Vera is undersized and slower than ideal at this position, but his blocking mechanics are excellent and if developed correctly could make a formidable backup providing depth at either Guard position

SS Gregory Webster - quite possibly the most intriguing player signed. Webster has mostly been a ST player during his tenure in Wausau. Essentially, he will fill that role here in Cheyenne as well. When asked what caught his eye about Webster, Coach Weaver responded, "He has an innate ability to tackle and run. He is the type of guy that will get most of his reps on ST, but he will be able to provide depth at every position on the defensive side of the ball." The Webster experiment will only cost Cheyenne $800,000 for two years.

Additionally, the Wind Jammers fired Victor Terrell as the Defensive Coordinator. When asked about it, Coach Weaver responded, "It was time to go in a different direction." Terrell was hired before Weaver was named Head Coach. Rumors had been swirling that Weaver and Terrell were having trouble seeing eye to eye. Replacing him is Mark Parker who was looking for work after being fired as Head Coach by Columbus.
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Re: Cheyenne Courier

By dd35
11/26/2019 4:01 pm
1981 Offseason Update, Part 2

With Pre-Draft Free Agency closing up and the Draft beginning, Cheyenne made some moves to continue improving the roster by finding talented players who fit the mold of being able to flex around the field in multiple positions. Lets take a look at the new signees and the draft picks so far.

RB Carlos Balsamo - Balsamo will add some depth to the backfield. His ability to receive from the backfield fits the Wind Jammers system. Additionally, he will be the starting KR. Don't be surprised if you see him taking reps in the slot as well. He signed a 3 year contract worth $4.2 million.

CB Newton Butler - Butler is coming over from Broken Arrow. He signed a 4 year deal and will serve primarily on ST while adding depth as a defensive back. He seems to have average coverage ability but is a hard hitting force across the middle. He could make a formidable cover man against a tight end

CB Joshua Daniels - Daniels signed a three year contract. His speed, strength, and tackling ability makes him a solid defender around the middle of the field. He will transition to MLB and still get reps at SS to add depth to those positions.

1981 Draft
Cheyenne traded their 1st Round Pick this year (#13). In return, they received a 2nd this year, a 2nd round pick in 1982 and 1983. This will allow for extra trading power should dd35 see a talent that is worth trading up in the draft for. Headed into the draft, it was made clear that Cheyenne would look to improve and add depth to the offensive and defensive line, but wouldn't scoff at athleticism at any position. Here is the rundown so far:

Pick #45 (Round 2): DE Brian Conrad, 6'4" 282 lbs - Weber State
A strong defensive lineman that was lesser known headed into the draft, Conrad was known at Weber State to be a run stopper. He will fit in Cheyenne's 3-4 focusing primarily on stopping the run and clogging gaps to free up the linebackers. At this time, he is not expected to make the starting lineup, but he will add depth at all three positions up front.

Pick #51 (Round 2): TE James Haglund, 6'3" 278 lbs - Stephen F. Austin
Quite possibly the weirdest moment in the draft so far. Once Haglund's name was announced the fans sounded like a bunch of owls. "who", "who". Quickly, as they had time to whip out their phones and google Cheyenne's newest addition, the whos turned into boos. Fans were calling for dd35's head. Not only does the team not need another tight end, but they drafted a tight end who posted mediocre stats at Stephen F. Austin. About an hour later, dd35 sat down to defend his pick: "James was a hidden gem in this draft. In college, he played in a triple option offense. This means, as a TE, he was used primarily for blocking. He has good speed and incredible strength. We are going to move him to OLine where he will learn all positions and really provide depth for our team for years to come."
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