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Re: Paydirt B League Rules

By Beercloud
6/17/2019 7:55 pm
The B League is open to all. Rookies, Veterans or GM's trying to restore their reputations. But that does not mean that you can't be fired from your team for being detrimental to your team or the league. GM's from Paydirt will be keeping an eye on GM's here. So show em what you got. Don't hesitate to ask questions and have fun.

Trade Limits
a) 2 trade limit with any given team per season
Note: A thumbs up in the trade is for marking it while converting it over to the "Trade Grid" only. It does not endorse the trade.


A. Any GM not logging into MFN within the last 7 days would receive a "Activity Warning" pm from the league Commissioner or Head of Football Operations.
1. The GM will have 48 hrs to respond his activity intent.
1.1) If the GM does not respond in time they will be fired from the team.
1.1a) They will be eligible to return to the league through the waiting list system as long as they are in good standing.


Paydirt Ratings System

The Ratings System is designed to rate a GM's performance each season based on a number of factors:

Regular Season Wins (*3)
Regular Season Losses (*-3)
Super Bowl Wins (*15)
Conference Championships (*7)
Divisional Championships (*4)
Playoff Wins (*3.2)
Cap space Week 1 (1.5 points per 10m)
Cap space Week 16 (1.5 points per 10m)
Media or team news articles for bonus points (*1.5)
- capped @ 6 per season. 6 count towards your ratings but you can write as many as you choose - or you dont have to write any as they are a bonus. You will find these ratings under GM Records B on our website. That section tracks all your win/loss records and ratings, by year and over the length of your Paydirt career. I will post the Ratings details in the help section and website link in case you don't have it already.

The System is not intended to be used to fire any GM from Paydirt B for sub par performance. This league is not a hire n fire league. So GM's are safe with exceptions such as a GM's tanking, purposely destroying a team or goes inactive for a week or more without posting in the away thread.

The system will be used as your ticket into Paydirt's Premiere league. Paydirt is a Hire n Fire league. When jobs open up and a GM is on the chopping block, Paydirt B league GM's will have first dibs at those job openings. You may follow the Paydirt league and it's GM Carousel to see and predict when those jobs might come available.

In order to apply for a job you will need to have a positive rating at the time you are applying. If there are more than one Paydirt B GM's applying for the same job the highest rating will be signed. All job apps will be done via pm to the Commissioners office. so that we can have a rumor mill.

The Rumor Mill may or may not expose who has interest in a particular job. Were just gonna throw things out there occasionally and have fun with it. As with any rumor mill or news story, some of the info you see could be just that.......... a rumor and might only be partially true or maybe just a straight up bad news source. GM's are welcome to hold press conferences in their teams threads in the "Team News" section to confirm or deny these rumors. Please keep the press conferences in that section to help keep our forums clean. You may choose to add to any rumor or even stay silent. There are no set rules as to the rumors. The only thing that matters in the end, is your "GM Rating".

The Commissioner and/or The Head of Football Operations will hold the actual job apps til a decision on the signing is made. You may apply before a job is open even. Apps will be cleaned out at the end of season stage each sim year. If there is no interest in a particular team then the job will be opened up to the outside MFN world.

For those of you that are into spread sheets and want to track or predict your progress, here is the formula.

Scheduled Sim Delays
1 day delays:
Before before Game 1 of the regular season for roster final adjustments
At Season End for roster adjustments going into a new season.
Injuries Set @ 86%
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